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The Sphere: Escape game in wallon Brabant, Belgium

Are you ready to try a unique escape game? The Sphere, divided into five “rooms”, offers participants a series of surprising challenges. It’s the perfect place for an unforgettable afternoon with family or friends! Form teams and work together to solve the mysteries of time…
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A unique escape game

If adventure and team strategies appeal to you, then you are the perfect candidate to take on the challenges of The Sphere! Whether with friends or family, dive into a unique experience at Dolce in La Hulpe, an exceptional location nestled in the basements in the heart of Brabant Wallon, close to Brussels. Our escape game stands out distinctly from those that have appeared throughout Belgium recently:

  • A two-hour session, optimal for total immersion in the game
  • An experience animated from start to finish by professional actors
  • Impressive settings, crafted with authentic props and cutting-edge technology
  • A captivating storyline, that maintains suspense from entry to escape
the sphere escape game

For groups of 2-6 participants

Discover unique immersive experiences in the different worlds of THE SPHERE!
  • In Ancient Egypt, live an exceptional adventure to thwart the Mummy’s curse
  • In Guatemala, follow in the footsteps of a renowned explorer and unravel the mysteries of the Maya pyramid
  • Dive into the Winchester Abbey and search for the Holy Grail alongside the legendary Knights of the Round Table
For groups of 6 or more: engage in the full experience of The Sphere!